John King Webber@ 9:24pm 08-23-2013
I graduated from MFHS in 1957. Born in Montcoal, lived in Edwight, Naoma and Peach Tree. I served in the Navy as a Jet engine mechanic. I worked in Cleveland Ohio and went in business for my self for over 20 years.I now live in Strongsville, Oh. I have a house and property in Peach Tree. My sister lives in it now. My wife died in 2011. I still go down to W.Va for a visit every so often. I miss good old MFHS. Thank you for this page and all the work you have put in this, John
Tina Denise Bradford@ 9:50pm 08-21-2013
I graduated from MFHS in 1990. The school will live forever in my heart along with the memories made and friends met and lost along the ways. I grew up in Rock Creek. Am on my second marriage and thankful for the husband I now have. I regret that my children will not be going to MFHS.
Sharon Kitty Meadows@ 6:25pm 08-18-2013
Graduated MFHS 1969. Grew up in Montcoal. Have lived in Dublin, VA now for 37 years.
Dotty Layton Gobel@ 10:38pm 08-07-2013
My mom and her sibblings all went to Marsh Fork High School. Sifers was their last name.
ShelbaLonkerBradford@ 9:17pm 08-04-2013
Attended Mt View School, graduated MFHS '58 and WVU graduate. Lived at Sundial and Naoma. Presently live in Prince, WV and expect to be moved to Navarre, FL within a month or so (8/13). Thanks for doing such a good job on this site. I appreciate your effort.
Luci Worley McKinney@ 2:43pm 07-26-2013
Luci Worley - graduated 1966 - born at Birchton, lived at Upper Stickney, then lower Stickney - live in Dunbar WV now
David Dee Cantley@ 9:22pm 07-16-2013
I was born and raised at Rock Creek. I attended Mt. View School and graduated Marsh Fork High in 1958. My wife, Kay Jones Cantley and I taught at Marsh Fork from 1963 through 1965 school years. We are retired educators and living in Lake Worth,FL. Thank you for the great job you are doing.
Judy Jarrell Jarrell@ 11:44am 07-15-2013
Reside in Charleton, WV graduated in class of 62 Lived in Packville, WV
Wayne Harless@ 8:52am 07-15-2013
Lived at Montcoal & Stickney. Class of 1958. Quit school and joined U.S. Air force. tours of duy in California, Arizona, West Virginia, Newfoundland, Labrador, iceland, Florida, virginia. Dong Ha, Viet Nam and Pleiku, Viet Nam. Retired and worked as Toll Collector on Richmond Petersburg Turnpike. Retired and living in North Dinwiddie, Virginia.
Samuel P. Carter, Jr@ 4:08am 07-15-2013
Class of1959
Reside in Orange Park, FL and Lewisburg, WV
Yvonne Adams Raye@ 2:52pm 07-10-2013
Talked to my mom and she said it was 1940. I have my dads yearbook from that year. Is there some reason why I can't pull it up on the list of years? I know he was very active in sports. Thank you!
Yvonne Adams Raye@ 2:42pm 07-10-2013
My dad was Virgil Adams, Jr. And graduated in 1939 or 1940. I'm excited about finding this site!
Donna Hatfield@ 3:51am 07-08-2013
LOVE what you are doing keep up the hard work. I am from pettry bottom and few other places on coal river. My group on facebook is: coal river memories ,, yall head on over. Gracie and I put a lot of work into our groups/sites so to Gracie as well. Great work.
Diana Condia Denardo@ 2:05am 07-08-2013
I was born and raised about 1 mile above Arnett. Not quite, Dameron, it was the cut-off for kids going to Mt.View/Marsh Fork and Trap Hill. Mr. Worley called me his neighbor. I graduated the year of 1966...
Peggy Farris @ 1:48pm 07-06-2013
Then Peggy Burnette now Peggy Farris, great memories from 1984-1987 I grew up right up the road and my dad worked in the mines close by, my mom still lives near by and so do my in laws

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