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Tressie Miller@ 4:41pm 05-19-2015
I graduated in 1967 . I started school at Nellis, Wv. When Armco bought the mines at Montcoal. we moved to Raleigh Co in 1953 We moved to Eunice and started our journey in Raleigh co schools it was a wonderful and I m very proud to say I Graduated From Marsh Fork High , Those years are some of the best times of my life . I am married a Marsh Fork Grad also Robert Miller who graduated in 1964 and we live in Horse Creek .
NAN DOSS PAYNE@ 7:30pm 04-25-2015
Daisy Canterbury@ 9:37pm 04-20-2015
Forgot to add my married name,it is Combs,I moved back to Rock creek going on 2 years now,but not where I was born and raised at.Moved all the way up left hand fork of Rock Creek,it is as close to me real home as I will ever get
Daisy Canterbury@ 9:31pm 04-20-2015
I was so proud to attend Marsh Fork High School,wish I had stayed and graduatedI made a few friends there and still keep in touch with some of them.If any of you remember me email me or add me to friends list,I would have graduated in 1966
Sandra J Russell@ 8:18am 04-12-2015
Thanks for maintaining this site!
Born at Montcoal (across river behind the school) and grew up in Stickney. Now living near Grandview WV.
Laura Whitman@ 8:44am 03-22-2015
I am looking for a 1947 graduate if Marsh Fork with initials E.M., thinking is a man. Any help of a full name and contact info would be appreciated.
James Webb@ 3:59pm 03-02-2015
Graduated 1962, lived in Chicago 1963 thru 1998 retired to 1998
Wanda Pettry Cooper@ 10:34am 03-02-2015
My dad, Don Woodrow Pettry, went to Marsh Fork High School. He was born in 1917.
marlene blankenship)@ 9:51pm 02-19-2015
hi there I would like to see picture of montcoal Stickney elementary school I had mrs reily as a teacher there. my dad Clifford Blankenship was a coal miner at the mines at montcoal marlene
Brandon jenkins@ 10:54pm 01-27-2015
I was luckey to get to go to marsh fork from 2001 to 2003 found some of the greatest friends a person could ask for and can honestly say those was the greatest years of my life. I lived in Naoma (preach tree)
Dina Reagon@ 1:16am 01-21-2015
Thanks to everyone that made this site possible. It can make u laugh, cry , regret and wish about things , this world is so different I only wish my kids today could have been raised up like I was
Travis Webber@ 5:06am 01-06-2015
I lived in Montcoal for 21 years. I went to Marsh Fork Jr. High/High School from 1998-2003. Sadly going into my senior is when they shut us down.
Carole S. Cassell@ 8:24am 10-13-2014
Carole Scarbro Cassell, class of 58. Lived at Montcoal
Wm. David Burford@ 12:54pm 09-05-2014
Lived in Edwight. Moved to Ohio 1959. Would have graduated Marsh Fork 1961. Really missed my friends. Visit Edwight and my friend Rick Bradford each year in October.
Judith Kelemen Lynch@ 10:57am 08-15-2014
Lived in Montcoal,WV. Class of '58

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