Douglas s Parsons@ 5:15pm 04-18-2014
Miss all of you
Linda Bryant Floyd@ 1:06pm 04-05-2014
Grew up in Montcoal and graduated from MFHS in 1957. I love this site and the wonderful memories it brings back. Currently living in Tampa FL area.
Delbert Phelps @ 9:03pm 03-30-2014
Didnt graduate from Marsh Fork High, but went there in 56,57,58,59 !! AKA DJ Cook . Lived at Marfork /Packsville area .This site brings back a lot of ol memories . Those were the Good Ol Days .Living in Middleburg Hts ,Ohio now .
Catherine(green). Da@ 9:41pm 03-15-2014
When my Grandfather, Mr. Bernard Green, died I gave all his yearbooks to the school. I assume when the school close the year books went to the Board of Education in Beckley. The yearbooks were from the 1933 until 1979.
Catherine (Green)Dav@ 8:27pm 03-15-2014
I graduated in 1982. I like the site. I grew up in Rock Creek. I went to Mt. View.
Herb Stover@ 9:50am 03-04-2014
My sister Gracie has been fighting cancer for the past few months...too ill to work on website...lost her battle and passed away on Feb 28, 2014. Sorry folks, but we are in limbo right now....hope to get back to every thing shortly. Thanks for your patience, Herb.
Bob Klemen@ 2:07pm 02-17-2014
class of 62.
Winston Salem, NC
David Asbury@ 10:47pm 01-23-2014
I love this site. I had such a great time reminiscing tonight
James A. Peters@ 6:55pm 01-23-2014
I have sent recent pictures of the MFHS Memorial Park construction to you on three different occasions to show the progress that has been made in the last year. Either you did not receive them or ?
I think most of your guest would enjoy seeing what is taking place at the site of our former HS. Is there a problem? Thanks, Jim
Rob (Robbie) Bradfor@ 7:20am 11-03-2013
Hi All, I love this website, so many wonderful memories. I grew up on Coal River in Stickney. Graduated from Marsh Fork in 74. I live now in Houston, Tx. Life is good. Love to remember the old home place and the memories I will always have growing up there. Will be visiting the area later this year.
robert Bob milam@ 12:32pm 10-30-2013
Graduated 1954, Grew up arnett, Cove Creek, Live in the grand community of Pettus, WV
Wayne Harless@ 7:27pm 10-29-2013
I live in North Dinwiddie, Virginia.
David Cline Barker@ 6:39pm 10-11-2013
Hi. My name is Tracey Ann Barker and I am married to David Cline Barker - class of 1987. I am looking for tapes or film of Dave playing football. I wanted to surprise him for Christmas. Please email me if you can help me out. His jersey number was 42 and he played RD Safety....whatever that means. lol.
Edie (Dodd) Thompson@ 2:43pm 09-28-2013
Class of 1969.
Daisy Canterbury@ 9:20pm 09-27-2013
I attended Marsh Fork until 65 or 66,can't remember.I did not graduate but enjoy reading about people that I knew when I went there.I lived at Rock Creek.I never moved too far from home and am now in process of moving back to my real home

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