Carl A (Alfred) Hall@ 1:14pm 04-29-2017
Class of 1950, MFHS. Brother of John and Elmer, class of 1948, and Carson Keith Hall, class of 1963. I am so glad I stumbled onto this site. I have seen many familiar names and sincerely hope this little note will be included.
lewis Harvey@ 12:02am 03-03-2017
Graduated in 1970. Lived in Arnett. Live in Rock Creek now. After 25 years in the coal mines, I drove a school bus for 16 years. I got to haul kids from MFHS before it was closed. I retired at the end of the 2015 school year. Looking forward to the reunion in August.
Larry Bowman@ 3:23pm 01-23-2017
Graduated from MFHS in 1981. I lived in the great community of Rock Creek - all the way at the head of the holler! Was a great place to grow up and a great school to attend. Currently living in Greenbrier County - which has replaced Coal River as "HOME" since I have been here 27 years now.
Kathleen Dickens@ 8:19pm 01-13-2017
Graduated in 1963 Secretary of MFHS 42 wonderful years. Blood runs orange and black.
Brad wills@ 9:50am 01-13-2017
I was looking for pictures of my grandparents....Mabel Jarrell and Joseph Clyde Wills
Tina Gunnoe Ayers@ 10:43am 10-15-2016
I graduated in 1986. I lived at Rock Creek Very nice site. Loved being able to see the yearbooks that my parents were in.
Chevon Linville@ 8:40am 09-25-2016
I graduated in 1996. I lived in Montcoal, on Cigar Hill. I had the time of my life living there. We fished, hunted, loved, laughed, cried, little bit of everything. We had basketball court by the company store was where we spent a lot of our time. Was hands down the greatest days of my life!!!!!
Marilyn Browning@ 10:08am 08-16-2016
I'm married now last name is Grubbs, have one daughter Mackenzie, I graduated with the wonderful Class of 76! I live with my husband of 36 years at Danville WV and I am now retired from the State of WV. Help to sponsor the 70's reunion that is upcoming on 9-3-16 at the MFHS Park. Can't wait to see everyone! Thanks for keeping this site up and running!
BEVERLY GRIFFY@ 1:42am 07-31-2016
I graduated class of 1985. Lived in the head of Drews Creek in Naoma
peggy jarrell cantle@ 12:19pm 05-09-2016
ha guys reunion for classes 1970-79 M.F.H.S. park sept. 3-2016 contact Marilyn Browning Grubbs 417 Danville,WV 25053 for info-see you there.
Raymond webber@ 4:48pm 03-18-2016
Hi class of 1963 hope everyone attends next class reunion!
James Johnson@ 5:05pm 01-27-2016
I attended Marshfork high school (7th grade only) from September 1959 to May 1960. I lived in the Edwight community on the hillside across the river from Elliott high school.
James Harvey@ 7:05pm 01-15-2016
I graduated MFHS in 1989. Lived at Leevale while I attended school, moved to Jarrold's Valley in 1992. Bought a home in Naoma in 2007 and live with my wife and 2 cats.
Brian Grogan@ 10:16am 01-15-2016
I attended Marsh Fork High School from 2000-2001. I am from Naoma, W.V. 25140.
Pam Halstead Wallace@ 4:25pm 01-13-2016
Class of 1965. Lived across the river from school in Upper Montcoal. Loved school and all the teachers. Thank you for maintaining this site. Also attended Montcoal Stickney Elementary and Jr High at Edwight.

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