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Peggy Farris @ 1:48pm 07-06-2013
Then Peggy Burnette now Peggy Farris, great memories from 1984-1987 I grew up right up the road and my dad worked in the mines close by, my mom still lives near by and so do my in laws
Sheila Honaker@ 10:08am 07-06-2013
Graduated in 1983
Everette E. Hooten @ 8:16am 07-06-2013
I was born across the river behind the high school in Montcoal, moved to upper Stickney middle 50's. Class of 1963. Now live in Madison,Ohio. Retired.
Ernie Lucas@ 8:37pm 07-05-2013
Attended M.F. 1953. I lived at Packsville. Excellent job on this site.
Georgia Blankenship @ 10:42pm 07-01-2013
did not include my name after marriage. It is Georgia Blankenship Atha. Can you correct this for me/
Sharon Sauls Smith@ 10:17pm 07-01-2013
I grew up in Packsville. Went to Pettus Elem., MFJr & MFHS. We moved when I was going into the 11th grade, so I didn't graduate from there, but, my heart was always with the class of '73! Thanks for all the work you guys put into this site.
Georgia Blankenship@ 7:49pm 07-01-2013
graduated from MFHS in 1963. Good job on this site.
terry mclaine@ 10:18pm 06-18-2013
i was raised in sundial. went to M.F J.H@ mfhs
Katherine Aliff Beve@ 10:21pm 06-14-2013
and thanks to you also, Herb!!
Katherine Aliff Beve@ 10:19pm 06-14-2013
Attended 1980-1984. Lived in Packsville/Marfork, WV. Thank you Gracie for this wonderful site.
Janet Bailey Kincaid@ 2:49pm 06-10-2013
I forgot to add - I lived at Packsville.
Janet Bailey Kincaid@ 2:48pm 06-10-2013
I went to MFHS from 1965 thru 1969. Love this site. You did a good job.
Betty Hooten@ 7:32pm 06-09-2013
Class of 1952.Lived in Montcoal,WV...
Bob R. Jarrell@ 3:08pm 06-08-2013
Looking good. Lived at Packsville, WV.. Class of '56
Sandra Price Hackney@ 9:22am 06-06-2013
Class of 1964

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