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Marga@ 8:14am 03-24-2020
Margaret Cantley went to marsh fork and I want to tell john lee his mom was my best friend stayed with ym
Gary Brafford@ 4:44am 12-19-2019
Graduated: 1968 (1964 - 1968)
I lived in lower Pettus. Now live in Barboursville, Cabell Co. WV
Nancy Miller@ 10:27pm 07-30-2019
A social worker told me that if I was 1/8 indian I could get a payment every month. Is this so?
Dr. Kyle Oleynik@ 5:37pm 05-09-2019
Hello.. Vale Conga is a great site to communicate with members around the world. It is free to join and there is no additional fees to refer new members. Vale Conga has made it easy for sharing pictures, video and content around the globe.
Barbara Dickens Hodg@ 4:20pm 04-26-2019
1969 lived at Lil town called Friendly view wv looking for friends and family
John Lee@ 12:49am 04-17-2019
Just perusing the old yearbooks. My mother (Kate Bradford) and many of my aunt's and uncle's attended MF. my grandfather Dr. John d. Lee delivered many of you. I am retired now and live in Richland,washington. I do alot of genealogy now and have many relatives through the Bradford's. (Massey, Combs, Eskews, Jarrell"s,Dickens, Lafferty's.
Gary Paul L. Honaker@ 10:40am 01-16-2019
Graduated MFHS in 1980. Moved to West Palm Beach Fl. in 83. Lived there for 27 years and finally moved back to the great state of WV in 2009. Now living in Parkersburg. Thanks to all who have contributed to this site. Great work.
Thomas Ferrell@ 6:53pm 12-20-2018
Does any know how to get in touch with Teresa J. Jarrell who graduated MHS in 1978?
Martha Aliff@ 1:08pm 10-27-2018
Burnside family
Prissy Nottingham@ 2:36am 06-11-2018
Class of 1995!!
Carmel Webb@ 4:10pm 05-19-2018
attended Marsh Fork 58/59 59/60 two sisters and three brothers attended Marsh Fork between 1948 and 1968. Lived first twenty years 1965 Pineknob W.VA. Forty plus years Cleveland Ohio. Currently live in north central Ohio.
Marilyn Browning@ 11:40am 04-10-2018
Is it OK if I copy pictures for the MFHS Biannual Picnic FB Page? I need some good photos for the picnic cite. Thanks!
John L. Lee@ 5:39pm 02-27-2018
never attended Marsh Fork , but all my uncle's and aunt's did. they were all children of marshall Bradford and Pauline Eskew . my mother was kate lee and my dad was James l. lee. you also may remember my grandparents , DR. John D. Lee and Mary O. lee . I attended the Whitesville school grades 3-5. before we moved to Richmond, VA. I have great memories from both sets of grandparents.
Carl G. Wolfe@ 1:41pm 02-06-2018
Sorry. Never attended Marsh Fork High School. However, I do a LOT of Raleigh County history. Right now I am at work on a paper tentatively entitled, "Before Beckley." I am trying to draw together all the information about the Coal River Valley in Raleigh County which was settled before Beckley. This site helps a lot. Thanks. Anyone have any yearbooks I can BORROW?
larry cassell@ 10:06pm 11-14-2017
FOR THE RECORD I PROBABLY WAS THE ONLY MARSH FORK ATHLETE WHO SCORED 44 PTS IN A BASKET BALL GAME THREW 5 TOUCHDOWN PASSES IN A game and pitched a shutout in baseball game plus was validictorian of my class attened mfhs 1953 1954 1955

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